For building mobile apps for Android or iOS, you have four main tools. They are Azure, Visual Studio, Xamarin and Visual Studio App Center. All these tools provide amazing services to build, test, deploy and improve your Android or iOS apps. When you use these tools for building mobile apps, they are fast and robust which makes users love them.

Cloud Services For Building Mobile Apps
These tools also provide robust mobile app cloud services. Using these cloud services, developers can easily cater to millions of users anywhere and anytime.
In this blog, we will learn about these cloud services for building mobile apps.
Users these days want the app and not websites. It is clear from the following graph:


Cloud Services For Mobile Developers

Azure provides various mobile app cloud services for creating mobile apps for Android and iOS. Let’s talk about them below:

1. Mobile Backend as a Service

a. Azure Functions

Azure’s backend service known as Azure functions is a serverless backend for building mobile apps for Android/iOS. Here you only have to enter the code using any language that it supports like JavaScript, Python, and C # and so on. After that, this essential building service executes the code on demand that is triggered by any events that you define. It will help you run your backend code fast.

b. Azure App Service

If you require a more complete solution for your backend services, you can opt for mobile apps features of Azure app service. It provides the developer with a backend that they can write in c# or Node.js. It gives you features like data storage offline data sync, push notification and user authentication. The Azure App service backend essential building tool comes with auto-scaling. It sets you on the path of success as your app grows.

2. Data

Every app that uses cloud services needs data storage. Azure offers a range of data storage for cloud services for mobile developers. Here are the different options you get from Azure:

a. Azure Cosmos DB

The Azure Cosmos DB offers you a database that has low latency, huge scalability which you can easily replicate worldwide.

b. Azure SQL Database

It is an intelligent and manageable relational cloud database.
Azure also provides developers with a wide range of Azure Storage solutions. It helps you to store files, queues, and databases.

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3. Artificial Intelligence

The app building essential tools for Artificial Intelligence that you have at your disposal are:

a. Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is a great tool that makes every developer capable of using Artificial Intelligence. With this tool, the developer can define learning models and perform large scale computations. Azure Machine learning Studio has an extra benefit as it provides a drag-and-drop interface. It enables developers to do experiment code-free.

b. Cognitive Services

If you want fully developed and ready-to-use AI tools, use Cognitive Services. It offers a variety of tools and services for image processing, speech recognition and so much more.

4. Cross-platform mobile app development with .NET

a. Visual Studio and Xamarin

You can use Visual Studio and Xamarin for building mobile apps for Android and iOS. It creates a robust and flexible app while sharing up to 95% of the code.

b. Azure

Using Azure, you add essential features to your app so that users keep coming back to your app. The features you can add are- Turn Key, scalability, flexible cloud services and so on.

5. Native iOS and Android app development

It doesn’t matter which tool you use for building your mobile app for Android or iOS. You can use Visual Studio App Center to simplify end-to-end development.

It will help you ship the app faster and get continuous feedback. Also, with Visual Studio App Center you can solve problems easily and deliver updates that are valuable to the users.

You can connect these services with Azure Functions and so on. It will help you with getting more insights for your project.


These were the essential mobile app cloud services that can help you create mobile apps for Android and iOS. Using these essential services will guarantee that your app is robust, flexible, and fast and keeps growing.