Technological advancement happens every day. If you aren’t quick enough to catch up to them, your business will suffer. That’s why many tech companies prefer to outsource their projects these days. They hire dedicated software development teams. They can provide them with rare knowledge and skill, which you can’t find in your region.
The trend of outsourcing a project to IT Service Company is gaining much fame. The reason behind it is that dedicated developers from a different region are more affordable. They have unique skills.

Percentage of cost
Also, if the In-house developers of the enterprise are busy with other big projects or don’t have the knowledge of a certain technique, firms outsource the project. It is cheaper than bringing in a new member for just one project.
In this blog, let’s talk about what a dedicated software development team model is, and what benefits it can provide to IT companies.

Dedicated Software Development Team Model

A dedicated development team model is an approach gaining fame amongst tech companies. In this model, you outsource your software/app development project is a type of software development team residing in other regions that have a specific skill set.
Basically, you hire a company that develops software and apps. They provide you with a team of software developers who complete the project on time with quality and precision.

Dedicated Software Development Team Model

The dedicated development model suits the following:

  • Enterprise requiring a team for product development and doesn’t want to defocus the core team for that
  • A company following a dynamic model and it is expensive for them to hire permanent employees.
  • For Firms that are looking forrare talents and skillsthat their tech companies lack
  • Startups

Why Dedicated Development Team Instead Of Freelancer?

An Information Technology company can also hire a freelancing or Freelancer development team. They are cheaper to work with as compared to a dedicated team. But here are some reasons why Enterprises prefers dedicated developers over Freelancers:
A freelancer is usually an individual who has great knowledge about the subject. They don’t work in a team. So, for your project, you will have to hire different freelancers from different regions working on specific parts of the project.
Now the problem with this is:

  • There is a communication gap between all. The client and all the freelancers are from different time zone. So, fixing a meeting might be a problem.
  • If one freelancer leaves the project mid-way, the project can get scrapped. The other freelancers have no knowledge about his work. A replacement for him/her will take time to catch up which will increase the cost and time. The same is not a problem with a dedicated development team.
  • They are not reliable as they are free to leave anytime.
  • They work for 1-2 months on a project, learn skills and gather knowledge. But after the contract ends, they move on other projects. This waste all the time and money you spent on training them.
  • With a dedicated software development team, you either have no such issues or you overcome them pretty quickly.

Let’s go on to read the benefits IT companies get after hiring them.

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Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Software Development Team

1. It IsCost-efficient

The cost of hiring an off-shore dedicated software development team is less than working with a local or in-house development team. The tech companies can use that extra money to ensure development of quality product or on marketing that product.

Dedicated development teams for outsourcing

2. With Outsourcing, you can access rare talent

In countries like Ukraine India and other Asian counties, there is abundance of IT talent. Here the software developers have some rare skills and knowledge that you might not find in your region. Also, their hourly rate is cheaper than what you will to your employees or local talent.

3. Availability Of Software Developers with specific skill

If you have a certain project that requires a certain skill your team doesn’t have, then outsourcing can help you. It is easy to locate a dedicated development team with the specific skill set you are looking for when you outsource. The reason is simple there is a lot of untapped rare talent.

4. They Are Loyal

The top IT companies face a lot of issues with their in-house developers in terms of sick leaves or other personal issues. But when you hire a dedicated team from a different region, you are assured of a quality product within the given time. If they want more projects from you, they will timely submit the current project. All you have to is provide them with resources, infrastructure and the rest they will take care off.

5. Their Skills Continuously Grows

The team has to match the expectations of the client. They are required to comprehend their needs and develop accordingly. The client also keeps working on the idea which means their work and skills will keep growing.

Pros & Cons Of A Dedicated Software Developers Team

Like every modes, it too has some advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at them.


  • The budget is flexible
  • They easily and quickly adapts to any changes made to the team or project
  • The client has full control over the team and can manage them easily
  • Timely update about the progress of the project


  • If your project is small-sized, it can be expensive
  • There is a possibility of increasing the project’s cost and time if you make any sudden changes to it
  • Outsourcing work to software developers from a dedicated development team doesn’t spell success.


Software outsourcing by top IT companies is a great option. They get skilled software developers at affordable prices. Firms might face challenges when hiring dedicated software development teams. But if you can work through challenges, it’s a great approach for app developing apps, mobile apps, and software and so on. Many IT and other companies hire dedicated developers because of the lack of developers in their staff. Hiring off-shore dedicated developers will benefit your company.