We all know that the current world is obsessed with mobile phones, taking this increased popularity into consideration; many firms are taking the app route to attract more consumers.

Hiring The Best Mobile App Development Company

As a survey has indicated that almost 69% of people use mobile apps, it has become customary for many small businesses and startups to join this brigade.

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In order to be successful in this area, one needs full research on the market and audience. But the biggest make or break factor is the mobile app development company. If the mobile app development company is not asking the right questions or designing it correctly, it can ruin your product and reputation.

There are a number of criteria that you should take into account before hiring a mobile app development company in India or anywhere in the world. It should be one that helps you at every stage since the inception of the idea.

Here are 10 Things You Should Know About The Mobile App Development Company:

1. Their Portfolio and experience

The first thing to check about any mobile development company is its portfolio, experience in the industry matters. Things to check out in the portfolio:

  • How many projects have they worked on?
  • What was the feedback on their last few projects?
  • What are the reviews and ratings of the apps they made on the play/app store?
  • Do they deliver the product on time?
  • Do they keep the recruiter in the loop every step of the way?
  • What the previous owner talked about them?
  • How many known companies are there in their portfolio?

2. Their Expertise in the field

Hire a company hose mobile app development reeks of expertise. The firm must be able to portray all the features and functions you envisioned in the app smoothly. Moreover, they must be able to tell you how they added any features, and about any improvement, they think of. Also, the experts must build an app using software that works for other systems as well.

3. The platform they can work on

Whether your idea is for iPhone app development or Android, the company should be able to create it. Be clear with them about your decision of going multi-platform app or just one. But in all, it is better to hire a firm that knows the guidelines of all the operating system and is ready to develop an app for all operating systems.

4. Involving you in the project

After all, the app is your baby, your idea and without your involvement, it won’t shape up as needed. So make sure that the firm hired for mobile app development keeps you in the loop at every step and ask for your input too. It is crucial for you to be involved during wireframes and MVP so that the app created perfectly.

5. Communication channels

How often do they provide a status report is a very important factor? If there is no communication between you two, the project will suffer. So ask them to share their communication channels with you and keep track of how frequent they answer your queries, give updates. Also, know about the tools used for tracking and managing the product.

6. Know their schedule

Before handing them the project, ask them these questions about their schedules:

  • How many projects are they working on currently?
  • How much time, resources and manpower will be allotted to your project?
  • When will they deliver your project?
  • How long will it take to build your app with all the requirements?

These questions are necessary so that if there are any changes or challenges in the future, it can be tackled smoothly.

7. Designs

An app is not just about coding, it must also look aesthetically pleasing and give a user a smooth experience when they sue it. So, ask them about the designs principle they use and tell them exactly how you want the app to look and feel. Check their previous records and let them know that you will be comfortable with a trial design before making the final app.

8. Releasing the app

Some top 10 mobile app development companies stick with you forever others leave after the app is built. So hire a firm that will guide you in releasing the app or will do it themselves, but only after you know their releasing policies.

9. Maintenance

The app is launched, but the work is not over. For it to be successful, you need to keep updating it and fix any errors. So when you hire the firm, ask them there after launch support and maintenance policy. This may include the cost for bug fixes, a cost for releasing new features and whether this cost is hourly or monthly.

10. Pricing

If you want a quality product don’t let price constraint you. Make a budget, but keep it flexible so that you can hire a company with a great portfolio even if it means paying a bit more. Also, you can always negotiate a price that suits both the parties.

So, keep in mind these tips the next time you plan on hiring an app development company and mention any other point I have missed in the comments.