Automation has become one of the key essentials in today’s world. Everything starting from a tiny toy to any big machine is being automated now. It helps in minimizing effort and maximizing output. Similarly, CRM systems are also being automated now. It requires automation for increasing sales and conversions. Sales automation CRM is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition. It will really help you to find new consumers and retain old ones. But how do you automate CRM workflows for this?

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We have listed below six tried and tested ideas of introducing automation in sales. This will minimize one’s workload and would guarantee in producing better results:

1.Web Leads

Web leads are very important. The most important thing in sales is for all web leads to be contacted in minutes. This is crucial so that you don’t lose a client. If even one contacts a lead as early as in 5 minutes, there are more chances of the lead getting converted. Sales automation CRM can come in handy in making sure that no web lead is lost. This is done by ensuring that someone from the sales team contacts the lead in minutes. This is how you can do this:

  • Once the web form is filled it gets registered in your CRM system.
  • The CRM workflow system then contacts your telephony system. This helps people get in touch with the CRM representative of the sales team. After this, they send notification on their system and mobile phones.
  •  In case the CRM representative is busy, the notification is sent to the next representative. This continues till a free sales representative responds. Then they contact the lead by calling them on their given number.
  • All the web lead details are sent to the sales representatives on their system/phone. For this, all they have to do is contact the lead on the phone.

By using this automated system one makes sure that all the web leads are converted within minutes.

2. CRM marketing automation- email campaign

 Sales team generally sends email to the web leads. These email campaign can be either about a new product launch, a demo or a meetup. It is very difficult to ensure that the lead opens these emails. So when they do, it makes sense to follow up on these clients. Also, it is important to automate follow up calls so as not to lose any lead.

We can manage the automation in 3 simple steps:

  • The sales team can see the email campaign report in the CRM
  • With a single click, they can select all the contacts that have opened their email.
  • Then they can push all the contacts to their dialer.
  • From here the dialers take care of the job. They automatically dial the call to each client. This ensures that they are connected to a representative who can from here take care of the lead. After this, they will try and convert them.

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3. Missed/abandoned calls should not become missed leads

Sales automation CRM can be used to ensure that the abandoned and missed call does not lead to a missed lead.

One can miss a call from the lead due to various reasons. It may be being on a holiday, call received after working hours, the phone line was busy and so on. But missing these calls makes no sense. There are simple steps mentioned below to automate the same. This will help you to never miss an important call.

  • The telephone system can compare the calls that went unanswered with the CRM data.
  • In case the call is received from a new lead. Design the system in such a way that a ticket is generated automatically.
  • In case of a missed call a notification or alert can be sent to one’s inbox. Also if there is any voice message it can be attached and sent to the inbox.

4. Sales automation CRM will help all your Representative to stay connected

6 Practical Ways to Improve Sales By Automating Your CRM Workflows_760165537 

CRM workflow keeps your representative team connected. A successful sales team is one which is always connected and updated. We can automate this by having their mobile phones configured. This has to be done in such a manner that they can log in into their CRM system anytime. Through this they can make and take calls, can receive alerts anytime.

5. Send notifications/messages to the entire contact list in one go

Another thing that we can automate is sending greetings, notifications, and messages to the entire team in one go. This would not only save time but would ensure that no lead is missed.

There are cases when we need to remind our leads about an approaching date, payment last due date or a subscription. For this, to work, we should have a configurable IVR system that can create a message. Then we can have an automatic system that can send the message to anyone or to all the contacts in the list in the CRM workflow.

6. Personal connection is crucial

Creating a personal connection with the web lead is important. This can be achieved when the lead can have the flexibility to call in their desired representative. The following scenario can be achieved by creating a simple CRM workflow. Here whenever a client calls in, they are automatically connected to their assigned representative.

All these ideas would be successful if there is a smooth integration between the two most important systems in your firm: the telephone system and your CRM. We hope that you will be successful in automating your CRM workflow and produce Sales automation CRM.