In just a few years mobile tremendously changed the way consumerism is perceived as it has become the favorite tool to read the news, watch television, communicate, socialize, shop, make decisions, navigate and a lot more.

Thus you are a marketer then mobile is just the right place for you to connect with your audience. Though at the same time keep in mind that mobile is a personal medium thus marketers may end up making mistakes that may be a huge turn off for a customer.

Here we tell you how you can avoid such mistakes:

Mistakes to avoid in Mobile App Marketing

1. Often you treat the mobile experience like it’s the desktop

A number of mobile experiences are smaller versions of the brand’s desktop thus they enable the same kind of functionality endeavoring to reduce it to the small screen. Still, a mobile app is an actually different vehicle for experiences and it’s better to treat it in a different manner for the new opportunity it offers. The best thing with the small screen is that it allows you to focus on what matters the most in design perspective and apart from the design, mobile also offers powerful abilities.

What you can do:

You can make customers’ lives a lot easier by just focusing on the few things. Like when you have a desktop site or app, the functionality can be brought down to a few essential tasks. Then ask your customers regarding what they miss from your desktop version and it may surprise you when they say they can notice nothing that is missing.

2. Building a mobile app without a plan for marketing it

There has been significant download numbers that come out of the app stores however that total doesn’t signify that your app is going to grab huge downloads simply by publishing it in the app store. Companies that have great web presences and audiences can use their assets for marketing and app promotion.

It’s also recommended to spend time getting familiar with a number of mobile app discovery paths after all app stores come around as the prime method of app discovery. However, there are a number of app publishers that overlook the significance of their app’s title, keywords, and descriptions. Lastly, make your happy customers leave reviews as if you don’t do so you will lose myriad potential customers.

Why Is Mobile App Development Beneficial For Your Business?

What you can do:

When having an existing web presence, make efforts to set it according to your mobile visitors. You can use your channels for communications so that your customers know everything about your app use asses such as your Twitter account, email list or Facebook page to your app’s marketing activities. You can also enhance App Store Optimization (ASO) that is helpful to customers in finding your app in the app stores. Few are MobileDevHQ, SearchMan, or Appnique.

3. Building a website and trying to pass it off as an app

It’s a typical task to build a mobile app and it’s all the more difficult to build a native app for multiple platforms. Many companies endeavor to build an app that’s web-based as it simplifies their lives. However, it’s not right to do so. Consumers don’t mind the complexity development process involves and they rather focus on their own experience.

What you can do:

Focus and support one platform at a time. This way you can find what works and resonates with your customer base. In order to release on various platform, it’s advised to employ a cross-platform programming language helpful in the delivery of native apps for various environments. Options here consist of Corona Labs, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Xamarin, and Icenium.

4. Never ignore your app’s customer base

As a user installs an app, they have it in their pocket all day long. This way you can listen to the customers and engage with them personally, as well amuse them with the acknowledgment of their worth to you as a customer. Create two-way communication channels within your app to make every of your consumer feel special.

Consumers are certain to have issues, queries, and suggestions while using the mobile app. Now in the mobile world, the main channels for communication are the ratings and reviews tabs in app stores. Thus consumers find it irritating that there don’t get to enter into a dialogue or give remarks as well there is no response to the feedback.

What you can do:

Build in-app communication tools and easily submit feedback inside the app. Listen to consumers and when you’ve no time or resources to build such tools internally, look for services providing in-app feedback or smart ratings prompts to solve your problems. You may find that the ROI on these services is amazing as it helps you grow retention, ratings, reviews, and research. Every consumer is entitled to feel special and it’s right on the marketers’ part to ensure the same.

Hence it’s clear that mobile apps are just apt to connect with your consumers and drive your entire company’s marketing efforts. Thus in order to succeed it’s necessary to spend time planning your marketing efforts. Take care that you don’t make these mistakes in order to improve your app’s chances of success and make robust marketing tools for your company.