Trust, likeability, consistency, loyalty, customer satisfaction are the keys to a successful business, whether it is a conventional store or an online store.

In recent time, 80% of businesses, including small and large business, now have a dedicated team for handling their social network accounts. This figure is really up in comparison of 2014 as that time it was merely 60%.

Brand Loyalty Using Social Media

When a name brand comes in your mind, then you quickly start thinking about the revenues, quality, loyalty, fans and more. But you never know how much efforts they have made or how many challenges they have faced to establish a brand name.

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Indeed, it takes many years to establish a brand, especially when your company is young. Creating a trustworthy brand name requires many important facts such as passion, dedication, efforts, time, money and the most important is customer satisfaction. Over the years, the traditional brand promotion is getting faded as it has become tough to attract new customers.

Nowadays, the electronic ways, such as social channels and other online medium are steadily on the rise. Building a brand name has become easier now. By doing an online market research without investing time and money, you can now figure out what customers think about your business or services.

For many businesses, social media has become an obvious choice to luster the brand name among the die-hard customers. One of the best ways to make your position among the heart of customers is through social media. Here are a few tips and tricks your business can use to get customers to know, like and trust you:

1. Be Genuine, Be Authentic

To leave a long-lasting impression, you should be loyal and authentic to your customers. Make your customer feel special and valuable in certain sense for having chosen your products and services. Nowadays, nobody wants to deal with the company that doesn’t care for customers. Many companies just see the customers as dollar signs. Moreover, you can build a relationship with the customers by providing a quality product and customer services. It will make you able to humanize your brand and showcase your personality.

2. Account On Social Channels

social media apps

In this technical world, there are no better options than social media. Create accounts on different social channels and start following your people. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., are the best ways to meet your mass customers. Making accounts on social networks is not the end of the picture, you need to share truly useful and relevant information about your product and services. By providing useful information you can make your customers feel like they should follow you.

3. Create Compelling Story

Don’t use social channels for just selling your products and services. Think out of the box to wanderlust your audience. Emotionally bond your followers by posting compelling stories over the social channels. People are much more likely to read stories instead of irritating TV advertisement. There are various brands in the market who amaze their customers through their success stories. Brands that communicate with potential customers through social channels no longer have the upper hand, as they speak their languages that matter for many. It is one of the best ways to share your feeling and love with your customers.

4. Post-Catchy Contents

A wad of catchy contents can never fail to attract the audience. It is important to share some impressive content as a post over the social platforms. If people are giving their time in reading your content or post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter then you can guess what position you stand on. So post your content frequently over the social network to keep your audience updated.

5. Post Impressive Videos

Post Impressive Videos

Another way to increase followers, views, and likes on your social networks is appealing Videos. There are many people who like watching videos. As per the reports, 40% of people around the world use their smartphones just to watch short video clips. If you are using social channels, then you should also start publishing emotional videos along with the content which will touch the viewer’s heart. Active pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube are proof of it. Statistics point out that by 2019, the 85% traffic will come through videos.

6. Use live Broadcasts

Live broadcast has become the most successful features. Now, through live broadcasts, you can directly interact with your customers and can share your thoughts or views with them.

7. Campaign Over The Social Channels

Campaign Over The Social Channels

Campaign on social media channels has always been effective in many ways as thus this is the best way to know the view of your customers about your brand and services or products. By using Facebook’s Ad campaign, you can create a minefield for lead generation.

In Final Words

Want to stand beside eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay? Yes, this can happen if you give your customers a good enough reason. Connecting with your potential users through social media would be a great experience for both you and your customers. In creating brand loyalty, you must take care of your customers and think like your customer.